My Facial Moles & Mole Removal

June 21, 2017

So this post is going to be able my facial moles; I have two. One I had was on my chin which was a flat dark brown birthmark, and the other you can see here it is near my eye. That one is raised, and is a black mole. I don't have any makeup on to show you the moles, well actually been about six months since I started treatment for the one on my chin, so it's pretty much gone.

Atelier Pierrot Royal Big Ben Series

June 19, 2017
Atelier Pierrot has always been one of my favorite Lolita brands since I started the fashion. I think it's definitely one of the lesser appreciated brands since right now it's all about the latest prints, but Atelier Pierrot has some great well-fitted pieces that works well for a staple wardrobe! For this post, I wanted to put some spotlight on their newest print series, because as a cat lover, I absolutely am in LOVE.

This series was released back on April 29th, and comes in 3 variations. Long JSK 24,000yen + tax, and 2 skirts 13,000+tax; Skirt comes in Diamond or Starry Night Sky background. This print features the Big Ben clock tower in London and has these adorable cats wearing top hats! As if that's not cute enough, just check out the coordinates. Super cool.


Those matching top hats are super fun and you'll be able to match with these precious cats! I've always been a fan of Atelier Pierrot's coordinates because everything is put together so well. I love the Gothic touches and their pieces are always very fun to mix and match with.  

Larme Kei Fashion Meet Up!

May 31, 2016
A few girls and I met together and had a mini Larme Kei Meet Up in Japantown. Weather was perfect and had a casual yet fun time meeting some new friends! Shout out to Emily for letting me borrow her wardrobe and after seeing the girls, I am very inspired to incorporate more Larme Style into my outfits. Super love the Romantic, Sophisticated, and a little bit Girly feel.

the snail & me ;)

OUTFIT: heart pom pom earrings | knit sweater | Ank Rouge denim peplum skirt | dotted sheer socks | ribbon sandals (everything off brand minus skirt, & thanks again Emily!)

We all went to Crown & Crumpet for lunch and I split a Tea Set with Emily and a soup. I take terrible food pics so here is one of just the chicken noodle soup, which was really good! 

After, we walked around Japantown and went to take purikura at Pika Pika. I think what's great about San Francisco is that it has everything...literally everything. Daiso and IchibanKan if you want inexpensive goods, Baby the Stars Shine Bright & Angelic Pretty for girls who love Lolita Fashion, Asian and European supermarkets, and tons of diverse restaurant options. 

Lastly, group photo!

Everyone is so beautiful and we look great! I definitely want to try and wear more of this style because it's casual enough to wear everyday but it's still really cute and stylish. Oh, and I picked up some Palty hair dye color is Caramel Brown so we'll see how that turns out. Anyways, until next time :) 

My Fashion Model Inspirations

May 21, 2016
Thought I'd get back into blogging now that it is Summer so I'll start with a simple post of my Fashion Inspirations! In no particular order here is my top picks!

1) Megbaby - Use to be known as Masamegu, she modeled for egg back in the days. I love her everything basically and especially that she keeps her hair black. Her style is a mix of street & chic which I really like. Looks casual, comfy, but also a little flashy. I think her current look is very Korean-Inspired and while I have much respect for Megbaby, I can't help but notice how unoriginal her handle-name is. Really? still love u but AngelaBaby still dominates in Asia.    

2) Anna Fujita - Use to be the producer of the short lived Gyaru brand GARULA. She models for JELLY which is one of my favorite Japanese Fashion magazines. Anna is amazingly gorgeous and whenever I see her photos, it makes me want long hair. She is just so beautiful and I love her makeup. I think I just love everything about her looks + style. *love*

3) Nonoka Iwata - I think at one point she was everyone's inspiration. Not much is known about her after she stopped modeling for egg. She became a shop staff for a non-Gyaru Fashion store but nothing is known after. I loved her Goth x Gyaru outfits and looks and really miss her as a model!

4) Yuria Kushido - aka YuriaVodka. Much love because I feel her inner ratchet hoe-ism channeling through her IG tag line "Tryna be classic by being a THUG". Ok, maybe not and excuse my language but I believe she is the producer of the brand GYDA and she has a new brand called SUGALISM. Not sure about the concept of the new brand except it's whack, and I love it. I have many reasons to love Yuria :>

5) Miho Sakamoto - aka Mipochi. One of my favorite models in Soul Sister magazine and I believe she is Black Diamond's Gyaru-Sa Adviser. I know nothing about Black Diamond and don't really care (lol). I just know I enjoy seeing her in Soul Sister and I like both her Gyaru style as well as her more toned down casual style like this snap!

Who are your inspirations and Fashion icons? Share with me in the comments below! <3


April 18, 2016

Good Morning Dolls,

I had to share this as soon as I saw it since I absolutely love One Piece. La Foret Harajuku is doing a collaboration project with One Piece called " ONE PIECE COLLECTION IN LAFORET" to commemorate the release of the new movie "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD". They will be available on display April 29th - May 22nd. Reservation period starts April 22nd.

The movie is set to premier July 23, 2016 and there are over 20 brands participating in the collaboration. There is quite a bit of Chopper items but there are still a variety of designs from each brand. Let's take a look at all the collaboration pieces!