Mole Removal Update

June 27, 2017

I am back with a small update on my laser removal for my other mole. I got it done yesterday morning and the whole procedure took about half an hour. It was quick and painless for the most part. It's a little reddish/pink as you can see in my non-makeup photo above. I'm anxiously waiting to see how this will heal!

First thing was she injected the anesthetic into the mole area, instantly it went to effect. The injection felt like a strong prick, but bearable. Perhaps a few tears rolled down my eyes. She then slowly started to shave away at the mole, going a little deeper but she went very slowly to not over do it. It was completely painless and the only thing I was able to feel was near the root of the mole or when it got a little deeper, I was able to feel a slight pressure, a little sensation that felt like a very light tug or pull at the mole area.

After she was done, she put some Vaseline on it and recommended me to moisturize it. It looked like a very dusty pink/flesh colored dot where the mole use to be. Band-aid was optional but since I had to go to work right after I grabbed a few. Rest of the day I was not in pain and went through the day doing my usual things. At the end of the day, I took the Band-aid off to change it and noticed dried up blood scabbing over. I simply used wound wash with a Q-Tip to clean the area before putting on moisturizer and heading to bed.

Now this is only the second day but it has no more bleeding and it's a light pink, semi-light brown-ish colored dot. I hope it will heal nicely and since my main concern is the scarring, I did some research and picked up two items that I will be using to help with the healing process and minimize the scarring. I got the La Mer Concentrate 50ml, and Scar Guard which I plan to use as soon as it starts to scab over. Right now it's still an open wound so I don't want to use anything that may be to harsh at the moment. Just keeping it moisturized and clean should be okay.

I do have another appointment scheduled in about a month to laser the rest of the mole depending on how much pigment is left. I am excited to see the results and will update again soon! :)


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