Enchantlic Enchantilly Queen Cat Portraits Series

June 23, 2017
Yet another Cat Print Alert!! I'm with Fumiko and her love for cats. This is such a beautiful Classic Lolita design, and a total must have for all Cat Lovers out there! I saw it instantly and knew I had to put a reservation request in; they will be available late July. Queen Cat adorns this dress in different antique frames and she just looks stunning as ever. I love it, it's a purr-fect piece for my wardrobe collection! Super excited!  

 So far available is the JSK cut, the simple ribbon sash around the waist is really in now

Cats are indeed purrfect

shirring in the back to accommodate some sizes!

3 colorways available, black, navy, and pink

I'm leaning towards black or navy, since I prefer darker colors. I am really excited to see this in person and this is probably one the more fun prints I am excited about so far! Since I can't physically have a cat right now, I can still expand my cat collection some how!

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