Larme Kei Fashion Meet Up!

May 31, 2016
A few girls and I met together and had a mini Larme Kei Meet Up in Japantown. Weather was perfect and had a casual yet fun time meeting some new friends! Shout out to Emily for letting me borrow her wardrobe and after seeing the girls, I am very inspired to incorporate more Larme Style into my outfits. Super love the Romantic, Sophisticated, and a little bit Girly feel.

the snail & me ;)

OUTFIT: heart pom pom earrings | knit sweater | Ank Rouge denim peplum skirt | dotted sheer socks | ribbon sandals (everything off brand minus skirt, & thanks again Emily!)

We all went to Crown & Crumpet for lunch and I split a Tea Set with Emily and a soup. I take terrible food pics so here is one of just the chicken noodle soup, which was really good! 

After, we walked around Japantown and went to take purikura at Pika Pika. I think what's great about San Francisco is that it has everything...literally everything. Daiso and IchibanKan if you want inexpensive goods, Baby the Stars Shine Bright & Angelic Pretty for girls who love Lolita Fashion, Asian and European supermarkets, and tons of diverse restaurant options. 

Lastly, group photo!

Everyone is so beautiful and we look great! I definitely want to try and wear more of this style because it's casual enough to wear everyday but it's still really cute and stylish. Oh, and I picked up some Palty hair dye color is Caramel Brown so we'll see how that turns out. Anyways, until next time :) 

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