April 18, 2016

Good Morning Dolls,

I had to share this as soon as I saw it since I absolutely love One Piece. La Foret Harajuku is doing a collaboration project with One Piece called " ONE PIECE COLLECTION IN LAFORET" to commemorate the release of the new movie "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD". They will be available on display April 29th - May 22nd. Reservation period starts April 22nd.

The movie is set to premier July 23, 2016 and there are over 20 brands participating in the collaboration. There is quite a bit of Chopper items but there are still a variety of designs from each brand. Let's take a look at all the collaboration pieces!

Price: 2,500 Yen + Tax
Color: Black, White

one after another NICE CLAUP: Karuh Tee
Price: 4,500 yen + tax
Color: Black, White

one after another NICE CLAUP: Vivi Tee
Price: 4,500 yen + tax
Color: Grey, White

Lycka: Hardcases
Price: 2,500 yen + tax
Choices: One Piece, Chopper, Zoro, Sanji

rivet&surge: Reversable T-Shirt
Price: 5,900 yen + tax
Color: Black, White
rivet&surge: Reversable Tote Bag
Price: 3,900 yen + tax

AS KNOW AS PINKY: Bandana One Piece
Price: 4,900 yen + tax
Color: Navy, White

DOUBLE NAME: Short Roll Up Sleeve T-Shirt
Price: 3,900 yen + tax
Color: Blue, Black, White

GR8: Bandana i-phone Cases
Price: 6,000 yen + tax

Mercibeaucoup: L: Chopper Party (Ladie's Design T-Shirt)
Price: 8,500 yen + tax

Mercibeaucoup: L: Chopper Party (Men's T-Shirt)
Price: 8,500 yen + tax
Dress and tights shop: Tights (2 Different Designs)
Price: 4,800 yen + tax / each

gomme: One Piece Print T-Shirt
Price: 5,500 yen + tax
Color: Black, White

FRAPBOIS: Bear Chopper & Bepo Panda Big Shirts
Price: 6,000 yen + tax / each
Color: White
FRAPBOIS: i-phone6 cases
Price: 3,200yen + tax / each
FRAPBOIS: Tumbler Cups
Price: 2,100yen + tax / each
BeautiK: Tattoo Sticker
Price: 1,000yen + tax / each
ROOM by VlliVlli: Nail Stickers
Price: 1,500yen + tax / each

ALGONQUINS: Asymmetric Hem Big One Piece
Price: 9,200yen + tax
Color: Black/Pink, White/Black, Black/White

Price: 3,500yen + tax
Angelic Pretty: Horo Horo Ghost Princess Pin Set
Price: 1,000yen + tax
Angelic Pretty: Horo Horo Ghost Over the Knee Socks
Price: 3,000yen + tax
Color: Black, Blue Purple, Pink

Angelic Pretty: Horo Horo Ghost Strap
Price: 3,500yen + tax

SUPER LOVERS: White Beard, Ace Pirate Flag Big T-Shirt
Price: 5,900yen + tax
Color: Orange, Black, Red, White 
PUTUMAYO: Kumashi Parka
Price: 10,800yen + tax

PUTUMAYO: 3 Brothers Pull Over
Price: 8,900yen + tax

PUTUMAYO: Perona Necklace
Price: 3,900yen + tax

Metamorphose HARAJUKU: One Piece Collaboration Marina One Piece Dress
Price: 37,000yen + tax

h.NAOTO: Cutsew
Price: 7,000yen + tax

MINTNeKO: Cutsew with Ears
Price: 7,200yen + tax

MINTNeKO: Tote Bag
Price: 3,800yen + tax

Every purchase during this campaign will include one of nine original limited edition buttons! 

So many cute collaborations, especially Metamorphose! Their Macross collaboration was adorable as well. I'm a little regretful that I sold my Sheryl set ; o ; I think my favorite items besides the Meta One Piece Dress is the FRAPBOIS items. I'd definately wear either of the T-shirts. It looks like h.NAOTO half-assed on the design and just stuck the ONE PIECE skull on it's generic tie dye shirts so I would pass up that. I had slightly higher expectations for h.NAOTO :(

Until next time!

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